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Diesel MG6 sometimes doesn't start.

1 year 1 week ago #26830 by Peags
Hi again
Last week my MG6 diesel didn't start. I'd just left off from work, stopped at a shop that was on the way home & when I came back to the car it turned over, but just wouldn't start. It was almost like the immobiliser was cutting in. I got out, relocked the car, counted to 10 Mississippis, unlocked it & started again, still no joy, although it sounded at first as if it would spring into life. Tried a few times, but felt the battery was getting a bit laboured. Ended up ringing the missus to pick me up. Went home had my tea, picked up the neighbours jump pack & had the missus drop me back. I joked with her wouldn't it be funny if I got in now & it started. "NO!" was the answer. Guess what? It did start straight away. Bizarre. Never happened before. Drove home ok, in fact it was alright all week. That was until I took it to my friends to put through the MOT for me a couple of days ago. When he went to start it & take it to the station it wouldn't start again. He had to miss the appointment. He went out a little while later after charging his starter pack, but again it started straight away. Today he took it in & it passed straight through. I picked it up when I finished work & drove home. Went to take it round someones, still fine. Went to leave that place 1/2 an hour later & low & behold it wouldn't start again. Exactly the same way as before. I left it there & went back with the dog 2 hours later. It started straight away again, so managed to get it back home. Sometimes the car throws up engine warning lights, but quite often leaves no code. Switch the car off & restart & the light disappears. Sometimes a fault is displayed on a diognostic tool, it's usually low voltage, sometimes high voltage. But erases after engine is switched off & then switched on again. Weird. Any one with any ideas, or has this happened to any one else? Be nice to get to bottom of it all... 

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1 year 5 days ago #26832 by Peags
I've investigated a bit more. I'm hoping it will sound familiar & prompt a response. If you drive the car within a couple hundred yards, switch off, then restart it will start. If you go over that it won't. Once the car has decided not to start you have to leave it approx 2 hours. It will then start again. I can drive into work( as long as I don't stall), leave the car until I finish & then drive home in it( as long as I don't stall). All very strange & frustrating. Trouble is aint got a dealer anywhere near me to my knowledge & don't want to spend a fortune at a normal garage while they experiment with the car trying to sort it...

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2 weeks 19 hours ago #26993 by Jimish
Hi peags 

did you figure out what was the cause of this issue as I am having the same problem 

many thanks 

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