MG3 GearBox/Clutch PROBLEM

3 years 8 months ago #22744 by XShido
Hello everyone, im new to this forum and im here looking for advice.

I have an MG3 2012 (since November 2011), AMT(automatic manual transmission) so i dont have to clutch, theres no clutch pedal, 1.5 vti engine.

During my time with the car, i have rolled 50K kilometer on it, not many, city user most of the time.

I have found different issues witht he car along with the years.
1st. The Radiator broke a hose of the air conditioner, so the car got heated right away. i Stoped, took the car to the Dealer and they changed the Hose and the Radiator under Warranty,according to they, the Radiator has a tendency to broke for no reason, factory issues they said.

2nd, the bearings on the back where making a Buzz, in less than 1 year of me using the car, they changed them, factory issue. OK. not so happy by now, 1 year with the car, 2 issues already.

3rd. Right now, i just have 4 years with the car and in the morning i turn it on, and when i try to put Reverse or Forward to leave my garage, it changes to 1 or R on the screen but doesnt move at all.
i Shut down the car and turn it on 2 times and it gets "fixed", i to to the dealer and they said that the Clutch has a new software that came from the factory wich balances it and fixes son common issues, they want me to pay for it, im not under warranty anymore and thats supposed to be a factory call.

Also, and this is what worryes me pretty hard, they check the Gearbox Oil and found metal scraps, they are asking to the factory what to do. im Waiting for them.

Is there any reason WHY a car with 4 years would have a damaged Gearbox?

Is there any know factory problems with this car regarding GearBox, Transmission, Clutch that i should know?
I want to be informed, ill have to fight it out with the dealer so they fix it on their own, i dont have a possible way to damage the gearbox if i dont Clutch at all.

Thanks for your answers, ill be around and keep you informed of what they tell me on Monday.
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