MG3 - SAT NAV - Not Working - Navigation Failed to Load

2 years 2 months ago #25324 by westofrayne
Can anybody help please.

My son has an MG3 with the built in SAT NAV hich we had installed by the dealer when we ordered it. The car is 18 months old and everything has been working ok till yesterday. He went to go out in the car, turned on the ignition and the selected the NAV on the SAT NAV startup page but got the following error "Navigation Failed to Load" with 2 options "EXIT" or "NAV PATH". EXIT takes up back to the front page - o real use, NAV PATH brings up a further error "Please insert the navigation devices".

- I have powered off, removed the SD card, put card back in and repowered, - no change
- Inserted SD in my PC and SCANNED the card - no errors
- backed up the card on NAVIEXTRAS toolbox
- loaded updates to the card via NAVIEXTRAS - (one update was available) - then tried in the car again - no change

On connecting the SDcard to the the PC in NAVIEXTRAS Toolbox I get a message (see attachment) - "Irregular shutdown detected" - I can Ignore or Disconnect, I believe it is telling me to reinsert the SDCard and shut down the NAV system in a controlled manner, the problem is it won't go past the error page so I can't do controlled shut down.

I'm stuck, and I really need to solve this, as my son uses the SAT NAV on a daily bases for work.

I have raised a ticket with NAVIEXTRAS, but it could be quite some time before I get a reply, I will be talking to the dealers this morning but will they have the knowledge of the unit and fault????

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3 months 3 weeks ago #26839 by Laura
Hi, I wondered if you managed to solve this issue as I keep getting the same error with mine?

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