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11 months 11 hours ago - 11 months 7 hours ago #26949 by Paul 50
P0500 was created by Paul 50
Hi. Has anyone had an issue with the cruise control on the MG3?
My 2015 model has an intermittent fault where the CC symbol flashes 3 times and the cruise control doesn't work. The engine speed on the display seemed to be working ok.
This happened the other day and when I connected my scan tool I had the DTC P0500 vehicle speed sensor A.
I went on a test drive monitoring the engine RPM and VSS but nothing seemed untoward.
When I got back the fault had cleared itself. I checked the scan tool to see which wheel sensors were responsible for the information and found it was the two rear wheels.
My assumption is that the signals from the sensors goes to the ABS module and from there the information is transferred to the display and the PCM.
I haven't had any no comm issues and the car drives well. The MIL wasn't lit either.
Can anyone tell me if my assumptions on the system are correct or is there another vehicle speed sensor that supplies information to the PCM? My wiring diagrams don't show any other vehicle speed sensor.
My scan tool is a launch CRP129E which I must admit is not very good for the Saic MG as launch have told me Saic is not supported so I cannot see the ABS module.
Paul 50.

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10 months 4 weeks ago #26950 by KevandAnna
Replied by KevandAnna on topic P0500
Hi Paul,
I don't think I can help you with your diagnosis for your MG3, my wife has one (a 2016 model) and so far the cruise control has been ok, BUT
I did have your problem with my MG6 so I thought I'd mention what Longbridge  found when I let them keep the car for a week.
The fault wasn't wheel sensors but amazingly it was a faulty ribbon cable in the steering wheel which operates the cruise control.
There must have been a faulty batch as the one they replaced also failed quite soon afterwards, this time they sent a technician to my house (about 150 mile drive)
to replace it. This time all was well with no further problems!

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10 months 4 weeks ago #26951 by Paul 50
Replied by Paul 50 on topic P0500
Thanks KevandAnna.
I'll have to wait until it happens again (hopefully not) and carry out some further diagnosis.
Unfortunately there isn't a lot of support for these cars out there apart from this forum.
If it does happen again and I can diagnose it myself I'll put a post on here for anyone else.
Apart from that the car drives well and is a joy.

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