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sourcing MG3 Lower suspension arm or bushings

1 week 6 days ago - 1 week 6 days ago #26992 by crimsonknight3
hey all,

Ive owned my MG3 for about 10 months and it just failed with a split bushing and an advisory for the same bushing on the other side. Now I have always generally fixed my cars myself, although there is a garage near me that sometimes takes cash in hand to fit a part as long as I supply the parts myself. I have fixed many things other my driving life however I have never come across the issue of actually not being able to find parts at all. Every website I have visited just does not "list" parts for MG3. 

Does anyone have any suggestions for websites or tricks here as I am at my wits end? When I was first searching I saw a peugot 106 wishbone that looks remarkably similar, *edit* that peugot wishbone was similar but definately not it. and on another website (euparts) it states there are no bushes for MG3's however underneath the text saying that, depending on which MG I choose the list changes (I just tested with MG 6 and MG 3) also the bushings (3 different types for MG3 vs 1 type for MG6) appear to be correct, however on each of the products pages it states very boldly that said part will not fit my car. So I am kind of stuck now with no MOT and loath to consider the rape that will be paying an official MG garage for the bushings or wishbones for both sides. 

Could it be that I need to search google for SAIC parts instead of MG3 parts?  

I need to get the right parts first time as my partner needs to car for the school runs so I dont have time to waste, so picking what "looks" right isn't really an option (despite some of the bushings looking extremely similar to what I can see on the car) 

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