Random Starting Issues

8 months 4 weeks ago #26355 by boon147
Afternoon all,

Hope you are well.

I am having some starting issues with my MG6 1.8 SE. I have read all other posts around the common issues, and the one that keeps coming back is the corroded terminal to the starter solenoid.

Anyway, it all started a few months back, and after reading here I gave the little spade connector a little wiggle and hey presto. As such, I quickly set to clean off the corrosion as best I could, and then gave it some grease to protect it. All was well until recently and has got progressively worse, to the point where a wiggle no longer works. So, I have a few questions that relate to my current diagnosis:

1. There is a click from the engine bay when I try to start the car, and have been reading on other forums about a 'K Series Click' which is apparently a common issue, however found no relation to the MG6. Does the MG6 suffer the same fate, and will it require a new additional relay adding in?

2. I tried a separate key, based on the fact that the starting issue wasn't related to a particular time, temp, etc. First few times it fired up fine, and I thought I had found the issue. However, was just a coincidence, and replacement key / battery makes no difference.

3. The cleaning of the connectors is not ideal, due to the short cable and awkwardness of reaching down the back of the engine. So my plan this weekend is to completely strip it down from the underside, remove the starter to thoroughly and clean the spade connector on the solenoid, but I am having difficulty cleaning the female connector. Is the female connector the culprit? If so, I might snip and replace it, and add a small length of wire too so its easier to work on.

I have tried to join a MG6 Owners Club Facebook group as I know they are more active than forums, however my request just remains as pending (its a closed group) so will hope to post on there too at some point.

Anyone have any suggestions?

Kind Regards,


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7 months 3 days ago #26547 by Ibrowse
Replied by Ibrowse on topic Random Starting Issues
I have been having problems for a few months now.
I had the starter motor terminal problem, the garage cleaned it up for me and showed me where the connection was. I also sprayed it to try and reduce the amount of dirt/water building up on it. My garage has now closed due to retirements.
At MG Coventry I had the earth points cleaned up and one relocated but I still had fault lights coming up when I started the engine and also problems starting. they were 
unable to find the reason for the fault and hadn't inspired me with confidence.
MG at Banbury found the alternator was pushing 17 volts at times. They changed the alternator and the fault seems to be gone.
They also found a potential problem with the key slot. Sometimes the switch would click but not turn the engine over. I'm going to get that replaced on Monday.
So check Earth points. Check alternator output. check Key slot.

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6 months 4 weeks ago #26552 by boon147
Replied by boon147 on topic Random Starting Issues
Thanks for the response.

Turns out it was a faulty key dock. A common problem apparently.

I took my old one apart and it’s a really basic circuit. It tested OK so think it was the worn plastic housing that was at fault, and no longer making contact with the tactile switches.

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