mifire and cruise cotrol fault

6 months 3 weeks ago #26558 by redzpete
64 plate diesel .When driving off from cold after a few minutes when accelerating I get a sudden misfire ,which brings on my cruise control fault and sometimes the airbag warning light.This only happens once and then everything is fine.With the freezing weather, leaving the mg6 to tickover for 10 minutes to defrost when I drive away I don't have the misfire either.Another problem is the cruise control fault .[is it most likely the steering ribbon at fault ] and do you know the cheapest place to get a replacement.Any info or knowledge would be great.

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6 months 2 weeks ago #26559 by Shanxy01
I have previously had the same issues.  The Cruise Control error message was appearing approx. 5 times on a 30 mile journey to and from work.  The car also started stuttering and misfiring.  The dealer replaced a switch on Cruise Control which resolved that problem, however the stuttering/mis-firing has been ongoing issue and up to today is not 100%.
Originally I was informed it was a problem with the battery.  If the battery is not charged above 80% the car will then started to "mis-behave".
However if you place the car on a diagnostic computer nothing is showing.

Too be honest I wish I never bought the heap of rubbish now.  Style of car is fantastic but un-reliable engine. 

Have you tried to change Head Lights yet?  That's a laugh as well.  The bumper has to come off!!


Ken Shanks
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