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Magnette & ZT 190

2 years 1 month ago #26735 by King Fink
Magnette & ZT 190 was created by King Fink

Newbie being a bit self indulgent here so cut me some slack please folks!
Here's a  montage of my much loved and treasured ZT 190 along with recent acquisition a 2014 Magnette TSE. The ZT has covered a mere 53,000 miles, one previous owner, pristine and totally standard save for custom made Zero Exhaust.  Anyways, enough of that...having dabbled with an early petrol MG 6 plus two diesels I'd always been drawn to the Mag saloon. Recently while looking at something else (always the way isn't it) I came across this 2014 one owner Magnette TSE, 12,500 miles on clock. Didn't have a choice really.....
Comparisons...… The plastics and interior shortcomings of the 6 have been well documented but there's no need to fuel that fire - just accept it etc. The ZT, despite it's age (or maybe because of it) eludes quality and has no comparison in terms of driver engagement. However, I've already fallen in love with the Mag. In some ways it feels rather dated which curiously adds to it's charm. That chassis is something special almost like it was designed specifically for this saloon. It's a limpet which feels like a glorious mutation of an MG ZS, MG Montego and mixed with the DNA of Mk 1 & II RS 2000's - yep showing my age there. I'm pleased to state that the five speed box is one of the good ones and doesn't suffer from the appalling grind or lack of synchro found on the early 6's before they addressed it etc.  The plan is to run it for 12 months then use it sparingly as per the ZT - already I'm thinking this one's a keeper. Damn that weak handbrake though-  is there an easy way to rectify? Apparently there's an adjuster in the console, wondering if this is a common fixer? 
Hi  & best to all

Ian B (King fink) 

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